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All Your Social Bookmark submissions are 100% manually done and each link is verified after submission. Your order is guaranteed.

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How is our Social Bookmarking Service different?

Social bookmarking for backlink building is known to be a highly effective SEO tactic used by many today, and works very well only if done correctly.

Our social bookmarking submission is fully result oriented. We are here to help you get your pages ranked and achieve top search engine ranking positions - with quality work. Period. We do not take any short cuts in our social bookmarking services process.

All our submissions are 100% verified and done manually by real humans. Our manual social bookmarking service ensures that all your bookmarks are fully valid and it makes them stick in the long run. We do not believe in using mass social bookmark submitter softwares or any automated social bookmark tool for building bookmark backlinks - as these have their limitations and flaws that could spoil all the link juice flowing to your URL for the entire project.

As you can see from our prices below, we are very competitive and economical. We offer a 100% money back guarantee with all our orders, thereby ensuring that you are not taking any risk while ordering with us.

What is Social Bookmarking Services and how does it affect your SEO?

Social bookmarking submission service involves submitting your website to social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious etc. You will notice significant improvement in your site rankings and traffic within a week of our starting your campaign.

Some highly competitive niches are required to submit a large number of bookmarks, consistently over longer periods of time – and also require you to bookmark inner pages on your site and the special off-page satellite pages that you create.

Our social bookmark service will help you build your PageRank and pass down link juice to your destination URL page and main domain. By cleverly combining it with RSS submissions and making sure to ping your bookmarks and RSS feeds, you can quickly get additional link juice power. Pinging and RSS feed submissions also guarantees that all your social bookmark submissions are indexed by Google and the other search engines.

Please Note: If your URL has already been bookmarked on some of the Social Bookmarking sites, then they may or may not allow duplicate entries. If a Social Bookmarking site does not allow duplicate URLs, we will replace by posting to another Social Bookmarking site for you which may have the same or lesser PageRank. If you still want to post to the first SocialBookmarking site, then you may give us an alternate URL/sub URL inside the Special Instruction field.

We also create new accounts on all the social bookmarking sites and bookmark only 10 sites per account - so that the bookmarks are nicely indexed and there is no dumping of all the links on the same account on these social bookmarking sites.

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Our Social Bookmarking Service Products

300 Social Bookmarking

Completion Time: 10 to 15 Days

Your sites are bookmarked on 300 social bookmarking websites on PR0 to PR8 sites.

600 Social Bookmarking

Completion Time: 10 to 15 Days

Your sites are bookmarked on 600 social bookmarking websites on PR0 to PR8 sites.

500 Social Bookmarking - 50% Manual 50% Automated, Mixed PR

Completion Time: 40 to 50 Days

Your sites are bookmarked on 500 social bookmarking websites.

750 Social Bookmarking - 50% Manual 50% Automated, Mixed PR

Completion Time: 45 to 60 Days

Your sites are bookmarked on 750 social bookmarking websites.

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