On-Page SEO Audit & Analysis

Are there elements in your website that are hurting its potential to rank and get free traffic?

You need a professional SEO expert to do a technical audit of your website and help you understand where you stand.

Chances are, that you're probably not even aware of the factors that could be hurting your business.

We will run our advanced tools and diagnostics to do a thorough manual audit of factors that are affecting your rankings. We'll look at any and all of the SEO and link building you may have done in the past, and make a toxicty profile of your website and its ability to rank.

You can think of us as experienced SEO Doctors.

SEO is a lot like being a doctor. And, when you give us your site to "check up", we'll make sure we get you the right analysis and recommendations so your site can "get well soon" and start ranking.

An SEO audit done by an expert with years of experience, will pin-point and tell you exactly where your site stands today if its to rank high in Google. They're going to be able to tell you exactly how much effort its going to take to start getting your site to rank high for your desired keywords. However, very few SEO experts possess all the tools, techniques and knowledge to anaylze and get this step done right.

If you're struggling to understand whats hurting and preventing your site from ranking, talk to us today and we'll get an SEO doctor to do some magic.

How A Thorough SEO Audit Will Help You

  • Get an immediate blueprint of what needs to be fixed on your site from an SEO perspective.
  • Understand the extent of any "damage" that you may be doing to your business and its potential.
  • Get a birds eye view of any past off-site link building and SEO that you may have done.
  • Get a report of all thin content issues, site structure issues and a report on all other on-site factors.
  • Get an immediate analysis wheather your site is in any sort of "Google Penalty"
  • Understand which specific Google Penalty, manual or algorithmic your site may have received.
  • Get a thorough investigation of what you need to do on your website to help it rank higher.
  • Realize immediately the extent of the damage and how to go about fixing it.
  • Get a list of toxic links that could be hurting your site.
  • Get a quick peek into your historical backlink report, and see if you have been a victim of negative SEO.

Here's an overview of my 7 STEP process that you get with our Awesome Audit.

PHASE 1 - A Thorough Manual On-Page Website Audit

We will manually do an in-depth audit of your website, combing from page to page and looking at every technical SEO aspect. We will weed out weaknesses for you that are toxic to your rankings.

We will run my advanced auditing tools and generate a separate set of reports from them, that we will summarize - pointing out all the elements that need attention.

We will dig deep into your Search Console to check for critical issues. We will study your current Google Analytics data to expose issues that are troubling your rankings such as high bounce rates or low SERP CTRs.

If you are suffering because of over-optimization issues like keyword stuffing (Penguin related) we will point out the issues that need immediate attention to you.

If your site has problematic content related (Panda) or structural issues that could be causing link juice leakage, we will show you exactly what's wrong and how you can fix it.

We will run page-speed tests and identify code and script issues that could be causing low latency that can be hurting your Google Rankings.

If your site is running on WordPress We will get under the hood and examine any and all SEO technical issues (there are so very common when designers and inexperienced people setup sites - and often over looked).

We will suggest how all issues can be fixed.

All in all, We will look at over 100 factors that are stopping your site from ranking better when you go about doing your off-page SEO and link outreach.

PHASE 2 - Advanced Keyword Research Audit

In-depth Keyword Research is the foundation of all good SEO as it helps you understand what you are up against and what your potential and ROI could be.

We will study your niche and website in detail to prepare a thorough list of keywords you could be targeting with your SEO and ranking efforts.

We guarantee to uncover at least 10 hidden keyword gems, that have high traffic potential and low competition in your specific niche - and for which you can easily dominate the rankings.

We will prepare a thorough report on Competitive Levels of each Keyword and my suggestions on what you should chase based on your current status and the competition.

PHASE 3 - Competitive Analysis and Audit

We will examine the top 3 ranking competitors in your industry and prepare thorough reports on each of them.

We will share with you, what keywords they are ranking for, what their SEO strategy is and even dive in deep and share insights into what pages they are getting traffic to.

You will get some amazing insights with this, which you can use to maximize your ROI by simply exceeding what the top ranking sites are doing.

PHASE 4 - Backlink Analysis and Audit

We will run my advanced tools and perform a thorough analysis of the state of your current backlinks to your site.

We will point out what you are doing right and wrong and what you need more of (based on your niche, competition, keywords and website).

There could be many factors that could be causing issues that are resulting in rank freezes no matter what you try to do - such as unnatural anchor text profile, unnatural anchor ratios, unnatural link velocities, low quality links, excessive spun content on pages linking directly to you, too many baseline link deviations, and a whole lot more.

In the backlink audit report you will get a complete breakdown of your healthy as well as toxic links and what you need to improve things.

PHASE 5 - Local SEO Audit

If you are trying to rank for local terms in the organic listing and in the Google Snack Pack (top 3 local listings), we will do a citation audit of your current local citations and directories to ensure every listing has proper NAP (Name Address Phone) data and is submitted to sites that are effective and not just filler sites.

We will check your GMB (Google My Business) listing for accuracy and We will look at your Google Maps presence.

We will point out to you what the competition is actually doing to rank locally, and what you need to do specifically for your site to get it into the Google Snack Pack.

All in all, we will help you point out actionable items to help you rank your site for local keyword queries both in the snack pack AND in the organic listings - for desktop as well as mobile originated queries.

PHASE 6 - Social Media Audit

We will analyze the way you have setup your Social Media Accounts and inter-connected them.

We will study the frequency of activity in them as well as the authority that drives link juice from them.

We will look at the ability of each profile to drive power to your SEO rankings.

We will suggest optimal interlinking methods, and social media optimization tips that will help pass optimal link juice to your core pages.

PHASE 7 - Google Penalty Audit

We will check your site to see if it is being affected by any of the Google demoting algorithms, including Penguin, Panda, RankBrain, Pigeon (local) update.

We will examine your historical organic rankings and traffic drops to pin point specific problem areas and why they occurred so you can fix things.

We will point out SEO factors that could be borderline and on the fringe of falling into a Google Penalty, so you are careful when you engage in any future SEO services.

Small Website (up to 20 pages)

We just need your Site URL and Social Accounts List.

Please list all your Social Account URLs or IDs.

Medium Website (up to 50 pages)

We just need your Site URL and Social Accounts List.

Please list all your Social Account URLs or IDs.

Large Website (50 to 200 pages)

We just need your Site URL and Social Accounts List.

Please list all your Social Account URLs or IDs.