LinkPyramid fUSION Pack

Price: $837.00

Completion Time: 9 to 13 Weeks
Note: Currently due to high demand and backlog, we will start your project within 7 to 10 days of receiving your order.

This pack is for SEO power users and for highly competitive keywords and sites that understand what it takes to rank in a tough niche. We will build your links in a highly effective and safe Tiered Pyramid structure. Click Here To See The Structure. We will advise you on how to optimize your landing page if you need it. Below is a break down of what all you get with this pack -

10 (Tier1) Satellite Page + 50 (Tier2) Spoke Mini-Pages :: This comprises of 5 Quality Content Pillar Post on (wordpress.com, hubpages, blogspot) of 1000 Words pointing to your money page, with 50 mini-page backlinks to it.
75 (Tier1) Web 2.0 Site Content Posts of 500 to 600 Words (PR2 - PR9)
10 (Tier1) .EDU Domain, Contextual Blog Post, of 300 to 500 Words with Anchor Text Link
50 (Tier1) Press Release Site Submissions
150 (Tier2) Actual Page PR, High Quality Links (PR5 to PR1)
5 (Tier1) High Quality Private Blog Network Submission of about 700 words each
100 (Tier1) Directory Submissions
3 (Tier1) Custom Youtube Video Creation and Submission with URL of each (x3) to 5 video sites (15 total uploads)
1 (Tier1) PDF Document Creation presenting your offer with embedded link, and uploaded to 10 unique top document sharing sites such as Scribd & DocStoc.
1 (Tier1) PowerPoint presentation presenting your offer with embedded links, and uploaded to Slideshare
200 (Tier2) .EDU and .GOV Domain Profile One-way keyword Links
1000 (Tier2 & Tier3) total Verified Social Bookmarks across your entire LinkPyramid will be created, by a mix of top DoFollow and NoFollow sites covering each content post we create above.
In addition you will get 100 (Tier1) Social Bookmarks to your main landing page.
75 RSS Feed Site Submissions - all pages and Social Bookmarks created will each be boosted by submissions to 75 RSS Feed Aggregators.
Pinging of each RSS Feed, Social Bookmark and Content Page by multiple ping services ensuring that all pages are indexed quickly.

 Optional :Automated "SEO POWER-UP" + $97.00 
This Power Up Pack is highly recommended for your Link Pyramid. Majority of the low quality links will point to the above Tier 1 and Tier 2 pages that we create, and they will not directly link to your main landing page. However, the contextual links which have content around them will point directly to your landing page(s). Due to recent Google banning of private article and blog networks, we cannot give you any detailed reports with URLs where we drop your contextual articles and links. We can only send you a general report with numbers submitted, as the network privacy and secrecy has to be maintained and we cannot divulge details of sites we submit to as they could easily get deindexed by Google. You can always check for indexed backlink pages increment after 1 to 4 weeks.

7000(Tier3) WIKI Site Submissions including EDU WIKIS, with spun content
1500(Tier2 & Tier3) Social Bookmarks from Pligg and Scuttle CMS websites
100(Tier2 & Tier3) Contextal Links from BuddyPress Social Networking sites
20,000(Tier3) Auto-approve Blog Comments, with minimum 70% stick rate.
200(Tier2 & Tier3) Contextal Links from Article Directories.
Forced pinging of all links above until pages are crawled

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Please use the ~ symbol to separate multiple fields. For example, if you enter Title1 ~ Title2 ~ Title3, we will evenly rotate these titles as we submit your site. Feel free to use as many as you'd like.

Please note the following - It is highly recommended that you have generic keywords as the anchor text link for your project at least 10% to 30% of the time. Generic keywords are like keywords like - click here, visit our site, view my page, click to see our offer, and yoursite.com, raw url etc. This is being done to conform to the new Google Penguin Update, that penalizes sites for over-optimization and using the same keyword to frequently. We suggest you choose to have at least 10% to 30% of your keyword links to be generic. While placing your order there is a choice where you can define the % of generic keywords you would like for your project. Whatever % you choose, we will use that for generic keywords and reduce the use of all your other keywords in the same % proportion. We have 50 generic keywords that we will rotate. Alternately, you can submit yours to us, if you like from the special instructions area.

  • 9 to 13 Weeks (after 7 to 10 days to project order) 


This Power Up Pack is highly recommended for your Link Pyramid. This pack will boost your entire Link Pyramid with tons of permanent one-way links, thereby boosting your entire link structure by channeling link juice upwards to your main landing page.
7000 WIKI Site Posts including EDU WIKIs

1500 Social Bookmarks

100 Contextual post on BuddyPress Sites

20,000 Blog Comments with 70% stick rate

200 Article Directory Submission